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Restaurant appliance repair is something that has to be done by an expert. Before you get help with your restaurant appliances, it’s good to know why ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC is a great option. We offer top-of-the-line services and they take steps to make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

Get A Professional’s Assistance Every Time

It is smart to only work with professionals when you have an appliance in your restaurant that needs some attention. A company like ours at ProFIX, LLC will be able to fix any appliance issue you could be having. We know how expensive a lot of commercial appliances can be so we take our work very seriously. You won’t have to worry about us making mistakes like an amateur could make when doing repairs.

Know That The Work Will Be Done quickly

When you have a business, a broken down appliance can put a stop to things. When you need to get your restaurant up and running again, you should contact us because we can get you back into the swing of things. Don’t just wait a while and hope the issue goes away because it generally will just get worse and more difficult for someone to deal with. As soon as you notice an issue you can call us and we’ll send the right person out that knows how to take on simple and/or difficult appliance repair jobs.

Why Are Inspections Important?

If you have appliances in your restaurant, you may not know that they have issues going on within them. Just a small issue can blossom into a troublesome one. This means that regular inspections are a great way to stay on top of things. We can look over what you have and make it a point to take care of anything before it becomes more expensive to deal with.

How Do I Get A Good Deal?

When you work with us here at ProFIX, LLC you will notice that we keep our rates as competitive as possible. Our goal is to reach out to people that need repair work done and we know that by offering a fair price we’ll get more business. Feel free to shop around but chances are you’ll have a hard time finding quality services at the prices we offer.

Why Work With ProFIX, LLC In General?

A good company like ours takes its work very seriously. We want to know that our customers are happy and that they are likely to work with us again in the future. You never know when a restaurant appliance will need repairs so we hope you keep us in mind from now on so you always have good people to count on.

It’s a smart idea to work with the right restaurant appliance repair service when you need help or just want to get an inspection done. To work with the best in the business, be sure you contact us at ProFIX, LLC. We operate out of Spartanburg, SC so if you’re in or around that area we are a great choice.

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Restaurant Oven Repairs In Spartanburg, SC

Commercial ovens are the most widely used appliance in the foodservice industry. Keeping them in optimal condition is crucial to the success of your restaurant business in Spartanburg SC. It is also important for the health, safety, and happiness of your valued customers. Implementing an effective preventive maintenance schedule for your commercial ovens and getting repairs at the first sign of a problem is important to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance. If you are looking for a reliable restaurant oven repair service in Spartanburg SC, you have come to the right place. ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC is your trusted partner for all commercial kitchen appliance repair needs including restaurant ovens.

Whether you require preventive maintenance or expert repairs for your commercial kitchen appliances, we have got you covered. Your business is in good hands when you decide to work with our experienced and competent appliance repair experts. Our team will always provide an accurate price estimate before they get started on your commercial kitchen appliances. You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or surprises when you rely on ProFIX, LLC for kitchen oven repairs. Schedule your restaurant oven repairs or maintenance with ProFIX, LLC today by calling us at (864) 572-6505.

Common Problems Of Restaurant Oven

We are equipped to handle any type of problem that may arise in your commercial oven. Here are some of the most common signs of commercial oven repairs:

  • The Temperature Isn’t Hot Enough – A faulty thermostat can be the cause of an over or under heating commercial oven. Our experts will inspect the appliance and determine whether the thermostat needs to be recalibrated.
  • The Pilot Light Doesn’t Stay Lit – A faulty thermocouple or safety valve can be the cause of this problem. Our technicians can handle this issue and fix it quickly.
  • The Food Doesn’t Cook Evenly – Improperly installed thermostats can be the cause of this problem. It gives unreliable temperature readings and unevenly cooked food and makes your customers unhappy.

When your restaurant oven indicates any of the above problems, you need to call a professional repair technician at ProFIX, LLC to handle the problem. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and fixing any problem immediately so that you can continue to serve your customers. Schedule your restaurant oven repairs or maintenance with ProFIX, LLC today by calling us at (864) 572-6505.

Why should I get my restaurant oven serviced in time?

Servicing your restaurant oven in time is the best way to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs in the long run. Our technicians are trained to mitigate the risks by identifying any imminent problems.

Why should I rely on ProFIX, LLC to fix my restaurant oven?

We employ some of the best commercial appliance repair technicians in the industry. They have dealt with all types of commercial oven breakdowns over time. We are factory trained to handle any type of oven repair or service in Spartanburg SC.

Schedule your restaurant oven repairs or maintenance with ProFIX, LLC today by calling us at (864) 572-6505.

Restaurant Stove Repair Services

Running a restaurant with a defective stove can be quite the hassle. This is because you’ll be dealing with hungry customers who have minimal patience. Imagine after working a long tireless day, just to come and be let down by your restaurant.

You don’t want to deal with hungry and angry people! That said, ensure your stoves are functioning properly round the clock. This way, you can service your customers’ orders fast enough. One key way of making sure you stay on top of your game is addressing any stove problems as soon as they arise.

3 Key Restaurant Stove Repair Services Offered by ProFIX, LLC:

1. Fixing Stoves that Won’t Heat Up

A damaged thermostat is commonly the cause of the stove not heating. However, this does not mean that it is the case for your stove. To know whether that’s the case, for a gas stove, try using the igniter to see whether it’s working. You could also test one of the burners to see whether it’s getting gas.

For an electrical stove, on the other hand, check whether the electric elements are lighting. If there is no light coming from the electric oven elements, it is time to call your trusted restaurant stove repair company.

2. Fixing Defective Pilot Lights on the Stove

Your stove’s pilot light will continuously turn off due to a faulty safety valve or thermocouple. As this is an obvious indication of a problem, you should contact a restaurant stove repair company. The defective thermocouple or safety valve will be replaced making your stove as good as new. Moreover, in some stoves, the thermocouple is connected to the safety, which means your safety is at risk.

3. Repairing Stoves that Don’t Heat to the Right Temperature

If your stove is taking longer than usual to cook meals, you should contact a professional for assistance. Mostly, a defective sensor may cause a stove to fail to achieve the intended temperature, causing it to not heat to the correct temperature. Additionally, a temperature sensor that comes into contact with the oven’s wall may cause the oven to overheat.

Contact our restaurant stove repair team to have the sensor repaired or replaced. Besides this, the technician will inspect whether the sensor is in contact with the oven’s wall before recalibrating it. In the end, your stove will be functioning properly giving you an easy time cooking.

How to Take Care of Your Commercial Stove

Keep Your Stove Clean

Surprisingly, some of the problems that your stove may be having are caused by dirt. This is because restaurants hardly have time to clean the stove after cooking every meal. However, cleaning your stove once a day can go a long way toward increasing its durability. Make sure you get rid of all food particles and fluids that may have poured on the appliance.

Train Your Employees Accordingly

Sometimes, your stove may be malfunctioning because of being used wrongly. As such, it is very important to have every new employee trained on how to use the stove. This is because empowering employees with this knowledge helps to safeguard your most valuable kitchen appliance.

Restaurant Dishwasher Repair: Why Is It Important To Choose Professional Services?

In every restaurant, each appliance has its own purpose, and they all work side by side to ensure that the business runs efficiently and smoothly. When one of these appliances breaks down, numerous problems may be encountered during operation hours. Let’s take dishwashers for instance.

While it’s true that employees can manually wash the dishes, the majority of large restaurants opt to get this appliance simply because it improves efficiency, and this lets the employees do other more important things. The daunting task of washing the dishes had been delegated to an appliance, which means your staff gets to focus on customer service and other performance-based tasks. Additionally, commercial dishwashers can also get the work done faster as compared to manually scrubbing and washing the dishes.

This is also one of the reasons why restaurants, just like any other business, should ensure that their appliances are well-maintained throughout the years. However, the inevitable comes and there will come a time that one of your appliances will malfunction, including your dishwasher.

What Do I Do When I Suddenly Needed Restaurant Dishwasher Repair Services?

Don’t panic – while this is a setback, remember that this is only temporary. When you’ve experienced this, the next best thing to do is to delegate the tasks and temporarily get people to wash the dishes while the dishwasher is being repaired. Secondly, call a professional appliance repair and service center to take care of the problem.

Should It Be A Professional Service? Can I Just Hire A Contractor Instead?

Contractors and general repairmen may not be able to do a thorough job when it comes to repairs. Some may not be fully equipped with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your business appliances are properly fixed. Professional repair companies, on the other hand, are equipped with proper training, knowledge, experience, expertise, and tools to ensure that they can take care of everything the moment they step forth to your business.

The same thing goes with attempting to fix these yourself. There’s nothing more horrible than a malfunctioning appliance, but trying to fix it yourself will just make the situation even worse. Professional commercial repair companies do not just try to fix the problem in front of them. They try to look for the root cause of the problem, offer suggestions on what you should do, and take it from there. This is to ensure that you won’t have to experience the same technical problem or product malfunction in the next couple of months.

Where Can I Find A Restaurant Dishwasher Repair Company?

Technology made it easier for business owners and other consumers to look for products and services. Look for companies with professional-looking websites, one that offers transparent rates, and also one that is active in social media. You may check their online ratings to determine whether they’re the right fit for your needs or not.

Additional Tip: To prevent these things from happening, the same company can also help you maintain your business appliances. They need regular maintenance and care. Parts can be replaced whenever necessary outside of your business hours, making sure that you won’t have to suffer losses, preventing the cause of machine breakdown in the near future as well.

Restaurant Exhaust Fan Repair: Things You Should Do When You Experience This

It’s a typical day in your restaurant – customers come in and go, new orders are taken, and the kitchen is as busy as usual – until you’ve noticed that your exhaust fan isn’t functioning well. While the problem occurs during business hours, you have to keep the restaurant open and you have a full house of customers waiting to be served. If you’re in the restaurant and food industry, being prepared and understanding what to do can help you get through this scenario. Here are some common things that you need to do when this occurs

1. Immediately Call Your Restaurant Exhaust Fan Repair Company

Most businesses have an emergency contact for all their commercial repair needs. This is the perfect time to grab that phone and schedule an appointment immediately. Once the repair team arrives, they will then figure out the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, the problem can be resolved immediately, however, there are certain instances that certain parts need to be replaced instead. Regardless, it is important that you follow the repair company’s advice and never touch anything or attempt to fix the exhaust even before the team arrives at your restaurant.

The company can then provide a quick fix just so you can run the business for the day, but remember that these quick fixes are temporary solutions only. You have to schedule another appointment so the team can repair the exhaust fans and provide you a long-term solution. This will save you money in the long run.

2. Secure Spare Parts Whenever Possible

Your exhaust fan’s manufacturer may have some spare parts available for sale – in case that the service repair company doesn’t have any on-hand. Having spare parts play a small, yet important role in making sure that your business operations run smoothly as much as possible, even when these problems occur.

Some parts are hard to come by, and whenever you have the chance to get a hold of them, grab them. You can ask your repair company for a list of repair parts that you’d ideally need for future repairs.

3. Request for a Follow-Up Maintenance/Routine Check

Once the overall process for your restaurant exhaust fan repair has been completed, make sure that you ask the repair company the ideal time to conduct a maintenance or routine check. This is to make sure that all parts will be replaced whenever necessary, avoiding the same scenario. By scheduling routine checks, you can avoid emergency situations like these, causing a ruckus during business hours. This also ensures that your systems are running smoothly and that all potential problems will be taken care of before it causes any problems or malfunction.

Finding a reliable commercial repair company in your area makes it convenient, especially for businesses that heavily depend on appliances when running their business. So remember, find a reliable company for your repairs, secure spare parts whenever necessary or when budget permits, and always remember to schedule a maintenance service and checkup for all your appliances to ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Hire the Best Commercial fryer Repair Company

Nothing makes eating out more fun than the taste of crispy chicken. What you might not know is that it takes a perfectly working commercial fryer to come up with that tasty delicacy. Unfortunately, these fryers malfunction making it hard to make these special treats. Luckily, ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC, offers a wide range of commercial fryer repair services, to keep your business running.

4 Essential Commercial fryer Repair Services

1. Fixing Broken Thermostats

A thermostat is normally installed by deep fryer manufacturers to adjust the equipment’s cooking temperature. That way, the temperature of the oil does not fluctuate too much. Unfortunately, your deep fryer’s heating element will not adjust to the right temperature if the thermostat is faulty. Consequently, the oil becomes too hot or too cold, causing food to burn or undercook.

Moreover, overheating a deep fryer can cause the oil to ignite, resulting in a fire. That said, if your staff report a broken thermostat, you should immediately contact an expert to service your equipment. The experts will replace the thermostat and examine the equipment to determine if there is another underlying issue.

2. Repairing Broken Thermopiles

The heater section of a deep fryer is known as a thermopile. This section turns thermal heat into electricity to make the fryer run smoothly. However, because deep fryers are used to heat enormous amounts of oil for long periods, the thermopile might get overworked and break down. In such a case, you must contact a legit commercial fryer repair company to fix the problem.

3. Servicing Broke Oil Filters

Deep fryers accumulate a lot of food particles, which might compromise the food’s quality. Fortunately, they contain an oil filter that removes such impurities, allowing the oil to remain pure. This makes it possible for oil to move freely within your appliance.

However, your oil will be filthy and unable to circulate adequately if the filter is destroyed. As a result, your food will be undercooked making it hard for your workers to deliver quality. To avoid this, you should get the oil filter replaced by professionals as soon as possible.

4. Unblocking Fryer Burners

Your fryer’s burners are probably blocked if there are no fire sparks after ignition. In many cases, the burners become clogged with oil, dust, trash, and food particles. When your staff encounter this problem, teach them to clean the burners with a stiff brush to remove the debris

If this remedy doesn’t work, the issue could be caused by something more serious, such as erratic gas pressure or faulty fuel lines. Do not try to fix the gas problem on your own, since this could result in more damages. Instead, hire professionals to analyze your burners and gas lines to determine the source of the problem and fix it.

Can I Fix my Commercial fryer on my own?

Yes and No. Some Commercial fryer repairs can be done by simply cleaning the appliance, which is a DIY job. However, you may need to call an expert when your fryer has more complicated problems

Is Servicing a Commercial fryer Necessary?

Yes. Sticking to a regular maintenance routine is very important for your fryer. This is because experts will fix any errors during the process, preventing your machine from breaking down unexpectedly.

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