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Residential $75* service fee

Second appliance $50*

Residential $75* service fee

Commercial or Business
$95* service fee

Residential $75* service fee

* Our flat-rate service fee includes the trip charge and diagnostic fee only. It can be viewed only if you follow repairs with us. Here at ProFIX, we don’t work by hours but you pay by the job and never pay overtime or hidden fee. We use cutting-edge tools for diagnostic appliances, so we provide quotes as accurately as possible. It doesn’t matter if the repair will take half an hour or two hours, you will never foot the bill when jobs take longer than expected.

Service call is free with repair


Limited Four-Month Warranty Terms

ProFix limited Four-Month warranty includes free labor and the failed part’s cost, which was replaced by our technician if the issue remains within twenty days after service day. If the issue remains after the twenty-day period from the service date, you pay only the cost of the flat-rate service fee of $75 for a home appliance or $95 for a commercial appliance service.

Emergency Services on Weekends

ProFIX serves emergency service during weekends at $180.00 residential and $250.00 commercial/business service fee

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