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All You Need From A Commercial Laundry Repair Service Company

Unfortunately, laundry equipment doesn’t last forever. Laundromat owners and investors will eventually need to fix, if not replace, their machines. This helps to provide top-of-the-line customer satisfaction and, ultimately guarantees business success.

At ProFIX, LLC Appliances, we understand that if your commercial laundry is not working, you’re not making money. This is why we invest so much in our service department. As professionals in the field of diagnostics, repair, and service, we are every laundromat’s key to success. Keeping our customer’s laundry equipment operating at peak efficiency is our top priority.

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ProFIX, LLC Commercial Laundry Repair Services

Commercial equipment is manufactured with repair and servicing in mind. Faulty or failing parts, therefore, don’t mean it’s time to replace an entire commercial laundry. Luckily, ProFIX, LLC has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your repair and maintenance needs. This ensures that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

Many parts could be faulty in your commercial laundry. This explains why we have stocked high-quality repair parts, to avoid delays whenever one of your machines is not working. Whenever you need commercial laundry equipment repair services ASAP, contact and we’ll have your repairs scheduled as soon as possible. The following are some of the pieces we have:

  • Bearings
  • Switches
  • Water mix valves
  • Drain valves
  • Belts
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Lint screens and other filters
  • Products for coin laundry, such as coin chutes and money boxes
  • CPU boards and other electronic components

ProFIX, LLC Commercial Laundry Servicing and Maintenance

You do not have to wait till your machines break down to hire pros. Once you take good care of them through maintenance, they will in turn take care of you. All commercial laundry businesses benefit from preventive maintenance since it preserves the investment and keeps the business running.

Besides this, however, it also ensures the equipment has a longer lifespan. This, again, saves you money. Notably, regular servicing optimizes your laundry operations while reducing downtime, and saves money by detecting minor issues before they become major issues. It also safeguards your warranties on both new and old equipment.

Why Should You ChooseProFIX, LLC Commercial Laundry Repair Services?

1. Prompt and Efficient service.

Our service department is manned by factory-certified specialists that are knowledgeable about a wide range of machines. They also have exceptional troubleshooting skills. This is because our technicians have undergone extensive training from equipment manufacturers. You will also benefit from our 30+ combined years of experience.

Professionalism is another benefit that comes with knowledgeable service. We are courteous, efficient, punctual, and conscientious. Our prompt and effective equipment servicing is the key to assisting you in maintaining and growing your organization. And we understand that this is also the key to our development.

Our technicians also go through intensive training every month. This training allows them to keep up with the latest technical developments. As a result, we guarantee that our specialists will be able to work with any brand of laundry equipment, including:

  • Electrolux
  • Milnor
  • Uni-Mac
  • Speed Queen
  • Ipso
  • Primus
  • Dexter
  • Maytag
  • Huebsch
  • Chicago
  • B&C Technologies
  • Yamamoto
  • + More

2. Repair Parts That Increase Performance and Lifetime

ProFIX, LLC strives to leave your laundry in better condition than when we arrived. As such, we provide the best quality parts to ensure that your appliances continue to function even in the most demanding conditions. Our commercial laundry parts are suited to most modern machines as well as those that are out of production. They’re designed and built to the greatest standards to ensure that you receive the performance you expect.

3. Commercial Laundry Repair Service That is Affordable

We know that you are in business and as such, seek to allow for significant savings. First and foremost, as long as your machine is redeemable, we will never advocate a replacement. Second, we offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Finally, our services can deliver years, if not decades, of cost-effective service.

4. U.S. Based Customer Service

Let ProFIX, LLC keep your machines running and minimize downtime losses. Because we understand that your business cannot wait. Lucky for you, we have U.S-based customer services. As such, we are available round the clock. Don’t worry if your company isn’t near one of our locations; we have a large selection of used equipment and work with a variety of vendors, so you can still benefit from the services we provide.

You Trusted Commercial Appliance Repair

By delivering prompt service, standing behind our work, and focusing on customer satisfaction, we hope to exceed your expectations and establish ourselves as a dependable source for appliance repair. Call ProFIX, LLC when you need your machines fixed quickly and correctly the first time./p>

We can repair nearly all brands of laundry, dryers, ironers, and more. If you are frustrated with your current service company, why not give us a shot? We want to win your business! Keep your business running with minimal downtime and maximize profits with our help!

Do I need to hire an expert to do my repair?

While many basic maintenance activities may be completed by yourself, other equipment requires more specific training and knowledge. If there appears to be an electrical problem, a problem with the control panel, or a large piece or part that has to be changed, we recommend contacting a professional.

Does it make sense to repair a commercial laundry?

Yes, it does. Repairs tend to be way cheaper than replacements. Particularly, if a simple repair costs less than half the price of a new appliance and your machine is still predicted to last several years, it may be a more cost-effective option than replacing the entire washer. To know whether it is worth repairing, contact ProFIX, LLC.

What is the price of a commercial laundry repair service?

Repairs might cost anywhere from $120 to $500 depending on what has to be fixed, your service contract, and the parts and labor required.

What is the average lifespan of commercial washing machines?

Their average lifespan is 10 to 14 years, which is a remarkable achievement considering how frequently the devices are used.

Professional Commercial Washer Repair

When you are faced with a problem and you require a commercial washer repair service, you want a dependable and professional company you can rely upon without having to wait.

Sluggish or broken machines should not result in having to close your laundry business or facility when you have instant access to a trusted dryer and commercial washer service provider. ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC should be your first choice when it comes to laundry specialists, as they provide top-notch services, a speedy response, and excellent customer care. They have a versatile and well-trained team that will ensure your machine or machines are returned to operation without any hiccups. When you start searching for a commercial washer repair service near me, be sure to contact your reliable local experts at ProFIX, LLC.

Versatile Commercial Washer Repair For All Models And Makes

ProFIX, LLC specializes in coin and card-operated dryers and washers, and they have extensive experience in every other type of machine. They service commercial businesses and residential household equipment and appliances with unexpected issues and routine maintenance. Even though stackable units and front and top-loading machines require special care, these machines are no match for the experienced technicians at ProFIX, LLC.

Here is a list of some of the commonly asked questions customers have when they need commercial washer repair services:

Why won’t my washing machine turn on or run?

The first step involves checking the outlet of the machine to ensure the fuses and connections are all in the correct position. If everything seems fine on your side, the problem may have to do with the start switch, thermostat, or circuitry.

Why is my commercial washer leaking or the water is not draining correctly?

First, check if the hose is loose, or if the drainpipe is broken or clogged. The machine may also have a belt that is worn down that needs to be replaced. It is not a good idea to allow a drainage issue or leak to lead into something a lot more serious.

Why is my machine making such a noise or extreme vibration?

Unusual vibrations or loud noises can occur when the washer is unlevel. Check the machine’s drum seal and balance.

Common Issues With Commercial Washers

Below is a list of some of the common issues that commercial washers are known for. If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, contact ProFIX, LLC today for a speedy response, and trustworthy service:

  • Your washer is lacking agitation or not spinning.
  • Your clothes are coming out not clean or stained.
  • The water in your washers is not reaching the right temperature. This is usually caused by sediment build-up or blocked valves.
  • The control buttons have stopped working.
  • Card-reader malfunction or a jammed coin slot.

Speedy Services And Response

If one of your machines is down, your laundry business could grind down to a halt. Laundry will start to pile up and the wait times will increase which will lead to customer dissatisfaction. ProFIX, LLC understands that your facility is essential for the residents in your area and your livelihood. This is why they guarantee same-day response with efficient and quick repairs. You won’t have to wait around for repairs thanks to their fully-staffed team comprising of professional in-house technicians.

Trustworthy And Reliable Technicians

ProFIX, LLC is proud of its thoroughly trained and reliable team of friendly technicians that are ready and standing by to provide top-rated commercial washer repair services. The technicians regularly attend training and workshops where they receive education on both older and new machines to guarantee a fast diagnosis, followed by a resolution. All the technicians at ProFIX, LLC are full-time staff, which means they are never outsourced. This lets customers know that the technicians share in the mission of the company to deliver efficient and excellent services every time. The service vans come fully prepared and equipped with commercial washer and dryer repair equipment and tools which help to reduce downtime and wait.

Important Upkeep Services

When your commercial washers require a service, ProFIX, LLC is the company you can rely on. To help you avoid unnecessary repairs, ProFIX, LLC offers maintenance and service packages to all their services. Routine upkeep is vital for any laundry facility along with the optimal performance of your machines. Machine filters, hoses, and belts should be monitored carefully and changed regularly to make sure you are adhering to the equipment’s needs and warranties.

The technicians at ProFIX, LLCC can assist you with these responsibilities, by caring for your commercial machines, taking away the stress and time associated with these tasks.

Reasons To Choose ProFIX, LLC Specialists For Repair Services For Your Commercial Washers

  • Friendly and knowledgeable technicians
  • Speedy response and fast arrival/li>
  • Same-day services
  • Transparent terms
  • Local parts supplier
  • ProFIX, LLC offers an impressive 6-month limited warranty on all their repair services

ProFIX, LLC is also one of the few service providers that charge a flat rate, which means you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or having to pay overtime. They use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to provide accurate quotes. When you start looking for a commercial dryer and washer repair service in Spartanburg, SC, ProFIX, LLC is a service provider that will make your life and job a lot easier. If you need more information or you have any questions on how they can assist you and your laundry facility, call them today at, (864) 572-6505.

Signs and Reasons Why You Need Commercial Dryer Repair Services

Are you and your clients fed up with pulling damp clothing from your commercial dryer? If that’s the case, contact ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC! Don’t risk losing customers over something that could be corrected in a matter of minutes! When commercial laundry equipment breaks down, you lose out on potential sales and limit productivity.

That said, avoid machine downtime to ensure your commercial dryer is running at max efficiency. Most times, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been diligent in performing preventative maintenance tasks. Commercial washers and dryers constantly need repairs to operate at peak performance. That’s why we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Top 6 Signs That you need commercial dryer repair services

Some of the most common signs that you have a problem with your commercial dryer are as follows:

1. The dryer won’t turn on.

Top of the list and the most obvious one of them all. If the dryer has stopped running altogether, first check to verify whether your commercial dryer has been disconnected. If this is not the case, you may have a faulty thermostat or start switch, which our technicians would gladly repair.

2. The drum does not appear to be spinning.

You may have a broken belt if your dryer’s engine is operating but the drum isn’t spinning. Some of the other issues could be an idler pulley, faulty motor or dysfunctional roller. Whichever the case, ProFIX, LLC has got it covered. Our specialists will diagnose the problem and perform prompt commercial dryer repair.

3. The dryer is overheating.

If the machine overheats, you could be dealing with a potentially deadly situation. A clogged vent could be the source of the increased heat, posing a fire threat. If this is the case, we can help with commercial dryer vent cleaning.

4. The washer isn’t heating up.

If your commercial dryer spins but doesn’t produce any heat, you may be dealing with faulty heating coils, timer, thermostat, temperature switch, or a defective fuse. Because there are so many possible causes, it’s better to have a professional troubleshoot and fix your equipment.

5. Your utility bills are excessively expensive.

You could take some time to notice it, especially if the rise is gradual. However, because you are in business, you must pay attention to even little adjustments to guarantee that your profits are in line with your objectives. More than half of laundromat operators actually say that the most significant barrier to their business is excessive utility expenses.

If your utility bills are higher than planned, professional commercial dryer repair services may be necessary. If the problem is simply one of repair, we will do so with the greatest level of competence available. We may advise you to upgrade your machine on occasion. Today, commercial washers and dryers are more energy-efficient than ever before and can help you save money on water, electricity, and gas in your laundry operation.

6. You’re not meeting your clients’ expectations.

Are you suddenly unable to meet your clients’ demands and can’t spot an increase in the number of customers? The machinery is moving at a glacial pace! Customers will leave your laundromat if there are long lines for machines or if your machines are slow and inefficient. As a result, stay on top of your client’s requirements and preferences by getting such equipment inspected.

Why Does Your Commercial Dryer Keep Disappointing You?

It’s easy to tell when a dryer is out of line and needs commercial dryer repair services by our able technicians. What’s more difficult to determine is why it’s happening. Here are some possible explanations:

1. Your equipment is old.

Old and obsolete equipment (more than 10-15 years old depending on the brand and capacity) can have a significant negative influence on your business. This is because older technology is more likely to break down and require repairs, which reduces earnings and raises maintenance expenses.

Furthermore, older equipment will be less energy efficient and will not be clean as well as newer equipment. As if that’s not enough, even visually, it doesn’t appeal to your clientele, which will have an impact on how clients perceive your company.

2. You lack the necessary technology.

Even if the dryer is brand new, it may not be as technologically advanced as you require. Today, technology changes quickly and the washing sector is no exception. In recent years, the business has seen significant technological advancements that can assist boost security, efficiency, and consumer loyalty in commercial dryers.

In general, if your company lacks the technology that both you and your clients may benefit from, it’s usually time to modernize. What a few technical innovations can achieve for client satisfaction and your success will astound you.

3. Your company is expanding.

It’s not always your dryer that’s the issue; it’s sometimes your customer base that’s grown to the point where the dryer can’t keep up. If your customer base is growing, it’s time for your company and commercial laundry equipment to grow as well.

In this instance, it’s critical for you as a business owner to add more machines or update the equipment you already have. Large capacity machines, in particular, can handle more loads at once and shorten turnaround times, resulting in reduced downtime.

Having Trouble? Schedule Service With ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, Today!

Our specialists understand how vital it is to keep your laundry appliances functioning properly, whether you own a coin-operated laundry facility or have a couple of large-capacity machines in your apartment complex or hotel. We are familiar with all types of commercial dryers and other laundry machines.

All of our repair services are also offered at a flat fee, and our specialists will always provide an exact price before beginning any work. Give us a call and we’ll get to work as soon as possible. From clogged vents to broken belts, ProFIX, LLC in Spartanburg, SC, has got you covered!

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